Worthy of a Share (Narrative of Social Distancing/Coronavirus)

I happened upon this on Facebook the other day. The author is unknown and the original poster has been cropped out of this for the sake of anonymity. Nonetheless, this is a perfect narrative of how we’ve allowed our rights, liberties and small businesses to be abso-fucking-lutely butchered.

This is the kind of shit Ayn Rand warned about back in the day. This is what altruism leads to – a complete destruction of rights. The economy is in shambles. So many have lost their livelihood. People are dying by suicide from the depression that this whole “social distancing” bullshit has caused.

This cannot go on.

That’s my thought for today. Save small business. Save liberty. Save lives even. This cure is worse than the disease, and so will be the so-called “vaccine” when it arrives (I have heard from a reliable source the supposed “vaccine” is actually an RFID – get ready; 1984 is here, 36 years late).

Time to Reopen…


Negative oil prices. Restaurants closing for good. Over a tenth of the US adult population drawing unemployment (and many more out of work).

How in the holy name of shit is this supposed to continue?!?!?

The bottom line is we’ve been lied to. SARS-CoV-2 ain’t that bad. It’s not fun (speaking from experience) but it’s not just the worst thing (unless you’re old or you’ve taken shit care of your body and imposed lifestyle related health issues on yourself, at which point I have no fucking sympathy for your sorry ass whatsoever).

I saw a quote somewhere that said “liberty is essential – fear is not.” I think that’s bang on. These lockdowns are a direct attack on our constitutional rights. The US Constitution has no exception anywhere for a pandemic (if you could even call this that). How the majority just sat quietly and obeyed orders without question baffles me. The masses willingly let their rights get shat all over. Well guess what? Next time it’ll be even more pervasive. The sheeple gave an inch and then the government took the mile and they still didn’t put up a fight!!!!

The reality is we need to save the economy and we need to induce herd immunity. How do we do that? Reopen, expose the entire population to the virus so that we have antibodies. Now, the high risk should probably continue to self-quarantine, but even that should not be a government mandate.

The Governor of Georgia is pushing to reopen, as is our president. I’ll be the first to admit I think our president is an immature, narcissistic, womanizing, corporatist jackass. Alas, that’s less important now than rescuing an economy that’s in total shambles. We owe it to those who will come after us, even if some of us have to die in the process.

I’ll gladly take one for the team. In the meantime, grow a pair and become responsible for your own health and safety instead of expecting nanny state government do that for you. You are responsible for your own health and happiness. Period.

The silver lining here? If Trump decides to steamroll the economy into motion, he’s got this election in the bag. I might not like the guy but a Biden presidency would be an absolute disaster. With a bold move, I predict Trump will carry every state he did in 2016, flip the swing states of Nevada, Colorado, and Virginia and maybe even flip a few traditionally (but not deep) blue states, including Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Minnesota, and New Hampshire. What a sight that would be.

In the meantime, go out there and protest your ass off!!!


MACA – Make America Constitutional Again. If you’re into political correctness, social justice, statism, Democrats, Republicans, mainstream media, participation trophies, socialism/communism, or coronavirus hysteria you sure won’t find that content here. Likewise, if you’re anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-guns, anti-weed, etc. you won’t find that content here either.

What you will find is harsh rejection and refutation to the above and a call for a return to a minimal government, a freer life, a strong defense of the right to bear arms, reduction of government programs, and the expectation that you will pull yourself up by the bootstraps.

I, like many Americans, am fed up with the constant expanding power of government. My handle “Bolognavirus” is a parody of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 pandemic (I absolutely refuse to use the stupid abbreviation “COVID-19”) whose fearmongering and paranoia have led to a dramatic expansion draconian government in a short time (and how the masses ate that shit up willingly). It was out of the crisis of having our freedoms decimated (which is a far bigger crisis than a virus that left me feeling like shit for a few days only to bounce back) that this blog was born.

I hope you will join me in my call to MACA. Let’s all live free, or at least die trying!!!